life of the party layered soap making project
list of supplies for project
Let this layer cool approximately 20 minutes or until soap develops a firm “skin”. Your almost ready for your second layer. To help layers stick together, spray this cooled layer lightly with rubbing alcohol before pouring the second layer.

Prepare your second layer. Melt, fragrance and color the 2 cubes of clear soap as you did the white. Color goes a long way with the clear soap so you will only need a drop or two. Pour this second layer so that the mold is two thirds full and let set as you did the first layer. Don’t forget to spritz if you see bubbles. Let it cool just like you did before until it forms a “skin”.

Last layer! Take the remaining colored white soap and re-melt. It will melt really quick so keep and eye on it in the microwave. Spray a little alcohol on this cooled layer and then slowly pour your soap, filling the mold complete. The bar still needs to cool some more. Let it set about another 30 minutes or until it is completely cool to the touch. When ready, release by applying constant, even pressure with thumbs to the backside of the mold. You may need to gently pull side of mold away from the soap bar to break air seal and apply, even pressure to back.

To preserve the freshness of the bar, wrap soaps in plastic wrap, pulling it tight and snug, in the back of the soap bar. Use scissors to remove excess plastic wrap. For gifts, try decorating with strips of decorative scrapbook paper and ribbons.
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A great technique, you’ll use over and over, layering is an easy way to make unique colored bars. Before you get started, first determine how many layers of color you want to create, and if you want to use clear soap, white soap or both in your finished bar.

Read all the instructions first then grab your supplies. Ready?

If you are using the M171 mold like we did, you will need a total of approximately 4 ounces of soap. We cut about 4 cubes of white and 2 cube of clear just to be on the safe side. (Remember you can always re-melt and reuse excess soap).

Let’s start with the white soap. Melt your white soap according to package instructions or click here or the Soap Making 101 link (top right) for step by step melting instructions. Since you are only melting 4 cubes, try 20 second microwave interval so you don’t overheat the soap.

Once the soap is melted, remove from microwave and add a few drops of fragrance. Start out with 8-10 drops, stir and see if you want more. Probably shouldn’t exceed 25 drops for 4 cubes.Now add liquid colorant and stir. We used about 6 drops but you can use more or less depending on what color your going for.

Time for layering! Pour your first soap layer into the mold, filling it approximately 1/3 full. If you see bubbles, no worries, just spritz with alcohol and the bubbles will disappear.

spray layer with alcohol pour second layer
finished layered soaps assorted


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