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You may need to gently pull one side of mold away from the soap bar to break the air seal and apply, even pressure to back.

Take your clear soap, put it on a cutting board and carefully cut it into different shaped chunks around a 1/2 to 3/4 inch pieces. Put aside for now.

Finishing the Bar
You probably can make at least two bars with the chunks you cut up. So take about 5 cubes of WHITE soap, melt and add fragrance just as you did the clear. If you want your white soap to have a color, add one two drops to give it just a hint of color.

Pour a small amount of melted soap into two of the cavities of the mold, just enough to cover the bottom, and then spray this white layer with alcohol. Put the melted white soap aside for just a minute. Back to your chunks. Spray your chunks with alcohol. Then pick up about half of the chunks in one hand and the white soap in the other, and slowly drop a few chunks at a time into one of the mold cavities while pouring white soap. Keep doing this until the mold is full. Take the other half of the chunks and do the same thing in the second cavity. Give both a few last spritz of alcohol just to close the deal.

Remember waiting for the clear soap to harden and then un-molding? We have to do that now with these bars. Once these are hard and you have them out of the mold (and if you are good with a knife) you can try CAREFULLY shaving a little of the soap from the front with a paring knife to get more vibrant color.

To keep it fresh until you’re ready to use or gift it, wrap the soap in plastic wrap, pulling it tight and snug, in the back of the soap bar. Use scissors to remove excess plastic wrap. You can decorate with strips of scrapbook paper and ribbon.

These soap bars take a little longer to make and a little more soap if you are doing several colors but they are well worth it! Remember you can use any scraps you may have accumulated. Re-melt and keep the fragrance the same.

Making the “Chunks”
I know it’s a tough call but decide how many colors you want to use for your chunks. We’ll go through it for one color. If you want more than one, follow these instructions for each color. You will have a lot of chunks if you make more than one color so plan on making a couple of bars.

If you are using the M154 mold like us, melt about 5 cubes of CLEAR soap according to package instructions, or click here or the Soap Making 101 link to the right for step-by-step melting instructions.

Once the soap is melted, remove from the microwave and add a few drops of fragrance. Start out with 8-10 drops, stir and see if you want more. Probably shouldn’t go over 25 drops for 5 cubes.

Next, add liquid color, a few drops at a time while stirring, until you get a color you like. Color goes a long way in clear soap so start with a drop or two. Remember you can mix colors to get cool shades.

Pour the melted soap into the square shape of the mold, filling it to the top. If you get some air bubbles you can spritz with alcohol and they’ll go away. (You can fill the other shapes to save time if you are doing more than one color).

Let this soap chill out now. It will probably take about 30-40 minutes for it to harden. It should be cool to the touch before you try to remove it from the mold. Once it has completely cooled, release the soap by applying constant, even pressure with thumbs to the backside of the mold.
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