Two techniques in one bar of soap. Double Pour Layered soaps will have everyone asking, “How did you do that?” You’ll impress yourself! Read all the instructions first to familiarize yourself with the process (check out our Layered Project sheet here to for more details on layering). Let this layer cool approximately 20 minutes or until soap develops a firm “skin”. Your almost ready for your second layer. To help layers stick together, spray the cooled layer lightly with rubbing alcohol before pouring the second layer.

Second Layer
Put 2 cubes of white in a small measuring cup, melt and fragrance just as you did before, remember short melting intervals so the soap doesn’t get too hot. If you want your back layer to have color, you can stir in a drop or two.

Spray a little alcohol on the double poured cooled layer. Now slowly pour your white soap, filling the mold completely. If you get more bubbles give it another spritz of alcohol.

Let it set about another 30 minutes or until it is completely cool to the touch. When ready, release by applying constant, even pressure with thumbs to the backside of the mold. You may need to gently pull side of mold away from the soap bar to break air seal and apply, even pressure to back.

To preserve the freshness of the bar, wrap soaps in plastic wrap, pulling it tight and snug, in the back of the soap bar. Use scissors to remove excess plastic wrap. For gifts, try decorating with strips of decorative scrapbook paper and ribbons.
Double Pouring
Multitasking is the key here. You are going to prepare two colors of melted soap for your first layer. If you are using the M154 mold like us, take two small measuring cups and put about 1 1/2 cubes of white soap in each cup. Melt soap according to package instructions, or click here or the Soap Making 101 link to the right for step-by-step melting instructions. It’s only a little bit of soap so try 10-20 second melting intervals and keep an eye on it in the microwave so it doesn’t get too hot!

Once the soap is melted, remove from the microwave and add about 5 drops of fragrance into each cup. Next is color. Think about two complimentary colors you want to use. Remember you can mix colors to get cool shades. Take one cup and add liquid color while stirring. For light colors, one or two drops should be enough (darker colors might need 3 or 4 drops). Do the same for the other cup.

Pick up the two colors, one in each hand. Starting in opposite corners, very slowly pour both colors, simultaneously into the mold. One hand might pour a little quicker so you may have to pull up on one side to let the other side “catch up”. Its almost like a see saw kind of feeling. The mold should be between 1/2 and 3/4 full. If you get some air bubbles you can spritz with alcohol and they’ll go away.
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