paper towel to remove some of the excess color. The color will brighten up as the flowers dry and you may even get a two color tie dye effect (especially with the green). It may take a few hours to completely dry.

Decorate the Vase
While you are waiting for the flowers to dry you can start decorating your vase. We found if you decorate your vase first its a little easier than decorating after you’ve added your scented oil. If you have some ribbon and stickers go ahead and get creative! We used 3/8 inch ribbon (tied in a small bow) with some cute stickers on one. On the others we used 7/8 inch ribbon (secured using a permanent glue stick) around the neck of one vase and the other just wrapped around and glued.

Invent-A-Scent Kit Instructions
The rest of the instructions can be found in the kit. Follow them to finish your project. Inventing is half the fun. Play around with different combinations to get the fragrance you want. When you prepare the fragrance, you’ll want the glass bottle to be no more than half full with total fragrance before adding it to the carrier oil. When you pour the scented carrier oil into your decorated vase, go slowly and carefully so you don’t get oil on your ribbon or stickers.

All done? Place your vase where it will get noticed but it won’t get knocked over or spill. Occasionally “flip” your reeds upside down to help disperse the fragrance. Sit back and enjoy your very own scented creation!

We took a break from soap to show you a cute spin on our Home Aroma Reed Diffuser kit. These pretty flower topped diffusers are great for dorm rooms and powder rooms. Please read all the instructions first before starting.

Preparing the Flowers
Cover your work area with a couple of layers of paper towels. Put about 3 tablespoons of water in a disposable cup. Open your color pack, pick a color, and start adding drops into the water! You probably need at least 30-40 drops in each cup. Stir until the color is blended evenly into the water. Do this for each of the three flowers. So if you are doing all peach, you’ll have three cups of peach water. If you are doing more than one color flower, repeat the above for each color.

Unpack your kit and take out one of the sets of flowers. (There should be 3 sets). Using a spoon so you don’t splash, slowly drop the flowers, top down, into the cups of liquid. The liquid should cover the flower. Set aside for a couple of hours. We let ours sit two hours. For deeper colors you may want to leave it 4 hours or even overnight.

Using a spoon, remove the flowers from the liquid, and place on a folded up paper towel to dry. You can dab it with