This simple technique is the same whether you do shower gel or lotion. Read through all the instructions first.

Prepare: First take an empty bottle and fill it about 3/4 with the base.

Color & Fragrance: Add a few drops of color directly into the bottle, try not to get it on the sides of the bottle. Anywhere from say 4 drops (for shower gel) to 10 drops (for lotion). Same goes for the fragrance oil, add say 10 drops of oil (for the shower gel) and no more than 1/4 of the bottle of oil for the lotion.

Finish: Put the lid on the bottle and shake well. Once its even colored, take the top off and add more base until it is full. You can add a drop or two of more color and fragrance now if you would like. Re-cap, re-shake and decorate!

Layering: If you want to try layers like we did, prepare three different colors as above. Get a clean bottle and pour one color into the bottle until about 1/3 full. Repeat two more times until the bottle is full. Try to pour down the center and be careful not to drip it on the side of the bottle. You can make a few more layered bottles (try rotating the colors) or just top off the semi filled bottles you have with more base.

You’ll love the unique finished bottle!

Treat yourself or someone close to you with these cute shower gel/lotion bottles. This easy project is great for gifts or girls night out. Perfect size for travel too. Make it your own by picking your color, fragrance and design.