Prepare Salt
We did a two tone salt in our picture with peach and lilac. Take two measuring cups and add 2 ounces of bath salt to each cup. Add about 5 drops of color and 10 drops of fragrance to one of the cups and stir until even. Set this cup aside. Take the next cup of salt, pick another color and do the same (5 drops of color, 10 drops fragrance, stir).

You can always do just one color too. In this case you just need one measuring cup, 4 ounces of salt, 10 drops of color and 20 drops of fragrance.

It’s on to blending now. Take one of the colored 2 ounces of salt and pour it on top of the other. Stir until they are both evenly combined.

Spoon the mixture into the tin and cover. That’s it, you are done! Easy right?

It’s all in the details! These ultra easy bath salt tins dress up nicely in adorable ribbons. Soothing, scented mineral and dead sea salts give you something to look forward to at bath time or leave one open on a shelf to help fragrance the air!

As with all of our projects, please read through all the instructions first.

Decorate your tins in style! We used wide ribbon (ours is about 7/8 inches) and layered it with narrow ribbon. You will need about 10 inches of ribbon to fit around one tin. Secure it with glue from a glue stick or glue gun. You can also use colorful plastic or vinyl stickers. Once its decorated just set it aside.