Tired of the same old air fresheners? Here’s a great idea to try...something new, colorful and easy! Crystal aroma rocks are pretty for your home and work great with our fragrances that you love so much. They can also be “refreshed” with our scents as needed. Read below for more information.
Color: Using a spoon, place the fragranced crystals back into the same zipper bag. If they are a little damp, that’s okay, just make sure they aren’t “wet” or the color might not stick as well. Pick your first color and add about 6 drops of color onto each rock in the bag. Seal the bag and rub again to help evenly distribute the color into all the natural crevices of the sides of the rock. To help the color seep in, leave these rocks in the bag for an hour or more if you have the time.

Final Dry: If your area is not covered with a plastic table cloth you might want to put down a piece of wax paper, paper plates or plastic wrap. Layer paper towels over the protective area. Remove the colored fragranced crystals with a spoon and place on paper towels to dry overnight.

Decorate and Finish: While all your colors are done and drying, why not decorate your container with ribbons or stickers! Once your crystals are dried, spoon them individually into your container, arranging them in a unique way. Find a nice place in your home, away from traffic or anywhere it might get knocked over and set your aroma rock crystals there!

Refreshing: If you would like to add more scent as time goes by you can either place the rocks back into a zipper bag and repeat the fragrance step or add a few drops right from the fragrance bottle into the crystal container.
Be sure to cover your work area with newspapers, plastic table cloth or paper towels. You will be using a lot of liquid color so it might get a little messy. Open the jar of aroma rocks and size up the natural pieces of rocks. Depending on your container, decide how many rocks will fit and place the rest back in the jar for another use. Now split them into groups depending on how many colors you would like to use. We did three colors and got about 2-3 rocks per color to fit in our glass container. Follow the below instructions for each group/color.

Rinse and Dry: Quickly rinse the crystals just to remove the powder residue. Pat dry or dry on a paper towel for about 15 minutes. Your rocks should look a little clearer after this step.

Fragrance and Dry: Take your first group of crystals and place in a zipper style bag (remember only for your first color, so in our case we put 3 rock crystals in our bag). Add about 6 drops of fragrance onto each rock in the bag. Seal the bag and gently rub the outside of the bag in circular motions to help coat the rocks evenly with fragrance. Be careful not to do it too hard or you may rip the bag. Now take them out of the bag with a spoon and place on several layers of paper towels or even on a disposable plate to dry. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes. Don’t discard the bag.