A simple loaf pan (or even a deep rectangle shaped food container) helps make a set of creamy, pretty, layered soap bars. With a cool cutter you get an added wavy design to your soaps!
If this is the first time you are making soap, click here to learn the basics of melting and here to learn layering. This project uses larger than usual quantities of soap and takes a little longer so you may need a few hours to finish it completely. Also be extra careful when working with this much hot soap! Please read all instructions first before beginning.

Cut and Separate Soap Brick
Take your two packs of white soap, remove from the package, cut up all the cubes. Divide the cubes into 3 parts (2 sets of 22 cubes and 1 set of 20 cubes)

Prepare and Pour First Layer
Place the set of 20 cubes in a 4 cup microwave safe measuring cup or bowl and melt (remember to read basic melting instructions). On your first round of melting, you can start with at least 2 minutes on the timer since it is so much soap. Once melted add color and fragrance. (We used 20 drops of lilac color and 30 drops of tranquil mist essential oil blend fragrance. If you chose a standard fragrance you may need to add 15-20 drops more). Before you pour, make sure the soap is warm not hot to the touch, you don't want to ruin the pan coating. Pour the mixture into the loaf pan. Spritz the top of the soap several times with alcohol to remove bubbles. Allow to set about 25 minutes.
Prepare and Pour Second Layer
Maybe 5 minutes before your first layer is completely set, go ahead and prepare your next layer just as you did the first. (We used 14 drops of peach color and the same 30 drops of fragrance oil blend). Spritz the first layer with alcohol again to help keep the layers together. Pour the second layer and let set but make sure the soap isn’t too hot so it doesn’t ruin the coating.

Prepare and Pour Last Layer

By now I bet you have it, follow the same instructions for the last layer. (We used 14 drops of seafoam color and the same 30 drops of fragrance oil blend).

Removing the Large Loaf
So now have a pan full of cooled soap. With two hands, grip each long side of the pan and pull apart. You may actually hear a little pop when the soap releases. It may take a few times but it should loosen. Once it’s loose, turn it over, press with constant pressure on the back and release onto a cutting board.

Think about how you want to slice it up. You may want to trim the side and make squares or make big slices. Grab your cutter and start slicing! Wrap cut bars in plastic to preserve moisture. Save any scrap pieces in a self seal bag (remove excess air before sealing) and stay tuned, our next project will use the leftovers to make a new loaf!