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Please read through all instructions before starting. If this is the first time you are making soap click here to learn the basics of soap making.

Prepare Smaller Heart Insert
Melt 2 cubes of white soap, this will melt very quickly so put only a few seconds at a time on the microwave. Add fragrance (we used 4 drops) and color if you would like (we chose a white insert, if you do color your insert go easy on the color. Since you are only melting 2 cubes of soap you won’t need a lot of color). Pour into mold and let set for about 25 minutes. Remove from mold. You may put your insert into the freezer for 5 or 10 minutes. This will harden it up a bit and also help it from melting when you pour the next step.

Hug the Little Heart with a Big Heart!
If you placed your heart insert in the freezer take it out now. Place your heart insert, face down, in the middle of the large heart cavity and press firmly, making sure the front of the insert makes contact with the mold. (This will help prevent melted soap from seeping under the insert and decrease the trimming you will do later). Melt 3 cubes of white soap, again short microwave intervals, add fragrance (we used 10 drops) and color (we used only 1 drop of red). Spritz the insert in the mold with alcohol. You are going to pour the melted soap over the insert, but before you do, make sure it is not hot or it will melt the insert. Pour the melted soap over the insert until the cavity is full. Depending on how you cut the cubes you may have a little extra. Try not to over pour the cavity. If you do you can trim it later. (Also, if you have extra soap add a cube or cube and a half and make another little heart!) Let it sit for 25 minutes and then remove from mold. When you remove the big heart bar, you may notice some soap seeped under the insert. Carefully trim away the excess with a small paring knife. Go slowly and very gently to trim away the excess soap.

Be My Valentine!

Wrap your bars in plastic wrap (to preserve freshness) and give it to your Valentine! Try making a few big an little bars for cute sugar free gifts!