(We used 25 drops of tropical temptation oil blend tomatch the fragrance in the chunk pieces and 3 drops of peach color. You can leave it uncolored too).

Pouring and Scattering Chunked up Pieces
Before you pour, make sure the soap is warm not hot to the touch, you don't want to ruin the pan coating. Take the melted soap and pour into the loaf pan, just covering the bottom of the pan. Take about half of cut up chunks, spritz with alcohol and scatter on top of the just poured soap. Pour the remaining melted soap right over the scattered chunks. Quickly prepare the rest of the brick. Melt, color and fragrance using the same method as abov. Set aside for just a minute so its not too hot. Spritz alcohol over the setting soap in the loaf pan. Now grab the rest of the chunks, spritz and scatter the chunks in the pan. Take the just melted soap and pour the balance over the chunks. The pan wont be full all the way but you should still get a pretty deep loaf. Allow to set and dry at least 30 minutes.

Removing the Loaf
With two hands, grip each long side of the pan and pull apart. You may actually hear a little pop when the soap releases. It may take a few times but it should loosen. Once it's loose, turn it over, press with constant pressure on the back and release onto a cutting board.

We used our cutter to make small powder room size wavy bars. Trim as little as you can from the sides and use your cutter to make square or rectangle little bars. If you have a small cavity mold in your collection you can even take the scraps from this loaf (its mostly white), melt, add a little color and pour it into a small cavity making another bar! Remember to wrap bars in plastic to preserve moisture.

Grab those left over pieces from your Sorbet Loaf project or make some new chunks (see project here for the general idea) for this cute Confetti Loaf Soap project!

If this is the first time you are making soap, click here to learn the basics of melting. This project uses larger than usual quantities of soap and takes a little longer so you may need over an hour to finish it completely. You will need to work quickly in meltiong the soap so be extra careful when working with this much hot soap! Please read all instructions first before beginning.

Chunk Up Your Pieces
Take your bag of left over wavy pieces and cut them into smaller chunks. There's no right or wrong way just make different sizes but not too small. We had about 10 ounces of left over pieces, your may vary.

Prepare Melted Soap
Remove white soap from tray, cut into cubes, put 1/2 into a large glass measuring cup and melt. You can start with at least 2 minutes on the timer since it is so much soap. Once melted add fragrance and color if you would like.