Prepare and Pour
Melt 10 cubes of white soap-it should only take a few minutes to melt. Add color and fragrance (we used 10 drops of yellow and 60 drops of cucumber melon fragrance). Slowly fill each of the 8 cavities on the mold. You will have left over melted soap, don't discard, you'll need that later. Allow the half eggs to set, probably at least 45 minutes.

Remove, Re-Mold, Re-Melt
Gently remove all pieces. Now take 4 pieces and place them back into the mold. Try to place them evenly so the top is level. Leave the other 4 halves flat side up near the mold. Get that left over soap still in your cup and re-melt in the microwave. It will re-melt very quickly so start with 5-10 seconds in the microwave.

Soap Gluing
Before gluing you want to prepare the two halves so they will adhere to one another. Take the alcohol bottle and spritz the flat sides of the pieces that are both in the mold and next to the mold. Now take that just re-melted soap, use about 3/4 of a teaspoon of it and spread it on the soap that is in the mold to act as glue. Quickly take one of the un-molded halves and place it flat side down onto the wet soap. Try to line it up evenly with the soap in the mold and press firmly. Let it dry about 15 minutes.

Once dry you should be able to just pull the egg out. If the seal is still a little tight you can turn over the mold and gently tap to remove. You can trim and smooth any extra soap with your fingers or a small paring knife. You have a 3D soap egg! Wrap in plastic if you are putting these in baskets.

These adorable eggs are perfect for baskets or just to decorate your powder room for Easter. If you're not up for 3D soap you can use one of our previous project concepts (like layering or tie dye) and make these soaps with flat backs too.

If this is the first time you are making soap, click here to learn the basics of soap melting. Please read all instructions first. These instructions are for one color pour, to make the tie dye style in the photo click here for tie dye technique.