Reward your graduate with diploma soaps! Great for party favors or gifts.

This technique requires some fast hands but you'll love the finished pieces. We used a glass roast pan but you can use a brownie pan, small cookie sheet or similar container. Just make sure its not coated.

If this is the first time you are making soap, click here to learn the basics of soap melting. Please read all instructions first.

Prepare White Layer
Melt 7 cubes of white soap (for a 9X13 pan) and add fragrance (we used 1/4 of the bottle of apple) and pour into the pan. You'll want this layer to be about 1/8 of an inch. If you are using a smaller or larger pan, try to adjust accordingly. Once poured, spritz top of white soap with alcohol.

Prepare and Pour Blue Transparent Layer

Melt 8 cubes of clear soap and add fragrance and color (we used 1/4 of the bottle of apple and 20 drops of blue color). Go back to your poured white layer and see if it is set. It should have a skin, thick enough that you can pour onto it but thin enough that it is still a little soft underneath. It should only take about 5 minutes for the white layer to lightly set. Once set spritz generously with alcohol. Now grab your melted blue soap and start pouring your second layer from the outer edges in. If the blue clear soap started to harden you can always reheat it a few seconds in the microwave.

Quick Set and Remove from Pan
The trick here is you want to remove the sheet, cut and roll quickly while the soap is still warm. If it gets too cold it can be tough to roll. The soap may need less than even 5 minutes to "gel". Remove the sheet of layered soap by inserting a knife or spoon edge in one corner and pull up with both hands.

Cut, Roll, Finish
Quickly place the soap on a cutting board and cut in either 4 or 6 rectangles. Now you will trim the short sides of each rectangle. Using a knife, trim the short edges on a slant so you get a nice bevelled finished edge. Don't worry about trimming the long edges yet. Take each rectangle and gently roll the soap tightly. The soap should still be warm so you shouldn't get cracks. Once you rolled all the rectangles, go ahead and trim the sides for a cleaner, straight, finish.

Wrap tightly in plastic, add ribbon and a tag and your soap diploma is ready for graduation!