soap 101 basic melting instructions
You’re ready to microwave. Soap melts at a pretty low temperature and once it starts it goes quick! It can get really hot so please, please be careful. Place the microwave-safe measuring cup into microwave and heat for 30 seconds, remove and stir to break up the bigger blobs. Repeat this now in 10 and then 5 second intervals until soap is completely melted. Keep an eye on it, if it starts to bubble up, its too hot. If this happens, turn off the microwave, let it cool, (the cup should be warm, not burning hot to the touch) remove, stir, and place back in microwave if necessary to finish the melting process.

Color & Fragrance
Add fragrance/color soap as indicated in instructions or project sheet. We use about 6 drops of fragrance per ounce of soap but we are fragrance divas here. Colors not so much. A little goes a long way so start with one or two drops and add from there. Remember you can always mix and match colors for all kinds of shades
Depending on your project, decide how much clear and/or white soap you will need. Most of our molds are between 3-4 ounces. Each cube in a two pound tray is roughly 1 ounce. Cut desired amount of soap brick into cubes, and place into a microwave-safe measuring cup.

Have your fragrance, color and mold ready at hand. You will want your mold cavity side up. Depending on the mold you choose, you may need to put a spoon or even grab some caps off a few soda bottles to help steady the mold. This way when you pour the soap in later it won’t run all over...which brings up another point, feel free to cover your work area with brown paper bags or paper towels. It is soap and cleans up with water but still, less mess is best.
Pour & Remove
Take your melted soap and slowly pour it into a mold cavity. You want to fill it all the way to the “top” this will help you when you de-mold the soap. If you want really pretty soap, you can spritz it with alcohol to remove the bubbles. Let it cool, and be patient. It can take over an hour to dry. If its warm to the touch, its not ready. Once it’s cool, flip the mold over and start to apply constant, even pressure with thumbs to the backside of the mold. You may need to gently pull one side of mold away from the soap bar to break air seal. It takes a little practice, but you’ll get the hang of it. After you admire your work, go ahead and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap to keep the moisture in until you are ready to use it or gift it!
-Use rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles, adhere layers to one another and to spray objects you want to embed in the soap to prevent air pockets. The alcohol evaporates from the heat of the soap so there is little residue.

-You can re-melt soap, so save mistakes, scraps and extras. Just be mindful of the fragrances and start at 5-10 second intervals when re-melting.

-Do not move molds until soap has begun to set or you can create wrinkles in your soap. If this happens, try to remove them by spraying rubbing alcohol over the wrinkle.
-When layering colors, allow a layer of skin to form on the poured soap to prevent layered colors from bleeding into each other. Test the layer with the tip of your finger by gently touching the soap – it should not wiggle, should not be hot and should feel slightly firm to completely firm.

-Soap can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to harden so don’t rush it. If it is still warm to the touch it should not be un-molded yet. It also sets up quicker when you put it in the refrigerator once it solidifies.

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